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Our mission is to provide the Body of Christ the internet marketing they need to succeed in their businesses so they are able to be more abundant givers and build the Kingdom of God in their own circles.

Internet Search is the New Main Street Location for Business

18 years Successful Search Ranking (SEO) 

We started SEO in 1999, when as missionaries in the inner city of Los Angeles, the Lord gave us the idea for the very first fully Interactive Intercessory Prayer Site in the World. After building it out, we needed it to come up in the search engines of the day. Since then,’s performance for the Body of Christ has grown to almost 6 million prayers of intercession offered on the site. Since then we have ranked hundreds of Christian Businesses to become successful and able to fund the Kingdom of God’s Advancement on earth!

Today’s SEO 95% is off-site and very few people on earth know how to do what the Lord has given us to help His children rank in the top tier of Google’s natural search results. We use entirely google approved methods (White Hat SEO). We don’t fool google, instead we give it exactly what it wants to see to prove that your Christian Business is relevant, popular and worthy of exalting to high rankings!

Our content writers will write hundreds, even thousands of pages of relevant content for you, as our multi-tiered approach is implemented.
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Christian Internet Marketing

Our Christian Internet Marketing Strategies Are Based On:

  • Researching the Relevant Keywords
  • Analyzing your Competition
  • Proper Contextual Relevant Link Building
  • Off-Site Content Development/Copywriting
  • On-Site Website optimization Services
  • Press Release Creation & Optimization ( Online Public Relations )
  • Local Search Optimization when Applicable
  1.      Optimizing GMB (Google My Business)
  2.      NAP (Name, Address, Phone) error correction
  3.      Generating Citations and Reviews
  4.      Multi-Tiered Content Marketing
  • Mobile SEO
  • Multi-Tiered Content Marketing National and International Search Placement
  • Shopping Search
  • Video SEO
  • Web Marketing Analytics
  • Reporting/KPIs

Important Questions

Why Hire a Holy Spirit-Filled Believer? Isn't know-how all that counts?

Whatever Spirit is upon your Choice rubs off onto the work they do.

The Word “anointing” in the New Testament is: chrisma (pronounced khris\’-mah). It means an unguent or smearing, that is, (figuratively) the special endowment (“chrism”) of the Holy Spirit: – anointing, unction.

In the Old testament it is mâshach (pronounced maw-shakh\’). This is the word from which we get Messiah (the Anointed One). It means to rub (as with oil), and also to paint (with).

Make sure that the Anointing, the spirit or Spirit that is upon your choice for a Christian Search Engine Optimization Expert is something you want your work to be in direct contact with.

Why Search Engine Optimization and not PPC?

Have you ever wondered, “Why should I invest in search engine optimization and not just do Pay-Per-Click?”

This is a common question with a very simple answer. First of all, Pay-Per-Click does not help your web presence become more powerful. It is a temporary solution.

Search Engine Optimization gradually builds your website into a digital asset that is valuable and long-term.

Most importantly, the sheer difference in the number of leads you can receive from Search Engine Optimization is an advantage that cannot be ignored.

For example, let’s say that 1,000 people per month type the keywords “Phoenix Roofer” into Google. There will be 7 pay-per-click advertisers all fighting to receive 10-15% of that. All of the pay-per-click advertisers combined only receive 10-15% of the leads. All seven advertisers will get 1/7th of 100-150 leads. That’s really not enough to grow a business.

Conversely, the top organic results (non-PPC) will receive over 40%. Would you rather have 10 leads per month or hundreds? The math is simple and the answer is simple. Contact us today to help your Christian Owned Business or Ministry website rank in organic search engine results, and get Google leads coming your way!

We Build the Kingdom by Building Kingdom Builders!
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